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Trustmarks is fuelled by 30+ years of security and privacy expertise from the same people behind Datarisk Canada.


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Security Badges You Can Display on Your Website

Trustmarks can easily be displayed on your website. Use your Trustmark to prove that your online security passes the test!

Indicate Authority

A trust mark is a symbol that shows the world that you can be trusted in your field. Earn yours and showcase your authority on your website.

Easily Renewable

Trust Marks last for a limited time, but they can be renewed! Keep yours up to date to show your audience your sustained care.


Datarisk’s Trust Marks are customizable to include the name and logo of your organization so that your Trust Mark is unique for you.

Wide Variety

We provide trust marks of all different kinds. Whether you need to prove website security or data privacy, we have you covered.

Easy to Get

All you have to do to earn your Trust Mark is fill out an online inquiry. If you meet the requirements, then you will receive your very own Trust Mark!


Choose from between our three main trustmarks:
Datarisk SelfCheck, Datarisk Verify, and Datarisk Statement of Trust

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